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DENTAL ASSISTANCE RESOURCES FOR ARIZONA                             July 22- New grant for seniors needing dentures and oral care.



The Arizona oral health services site :



If you live in Pima County , and you are a senior who needs dentures or other dental work , a new grant will help you get them free of charge. More information directly below.

Seniors Receive Oral Health Assistance Grants Help Us Build a Better Community

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona has received a grant totaling over $10,000 from the Southern Arizona Dental Society to help provide dental care and dentures to low-income seniors in Pima County.

The purpose of the Senior Denture Program is to address the oral health needs of low-income seniors enrolled in the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) which is administered by Pima Health System. ALTCS provides medical services and assistance with daily living activities through its provider network in a variety of residential settings and in the client’s own home. Poor oral health and a lack of dentures can compromise the nutrition, general health and well being of the elderly.


“We are grateful to the Dental Society for recognizing that our senior citizens have major oral health needs that are not being met through the medical benefits provided through Medicare and Medicaid programs and hope that our relationship with the Society will continue,” said Sharon Gartner, Director of United Way’s Supporting Seniors Community Development area.

For more information about Supporting Seniors please contact

Sharon Gartner at 903-9000 ext. 420 or


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Hello, I found your dental grant information via Google.  I am hoping you can help me or point me in the right direction.  My father is 73; he is a cancer survivor of colon cancer that left him with a full colostomy.  He has severe osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, Crones disease and only his front teeth.  He only has Medicare and no income, he and my mom live with me at my home.  I cannot afford dental for him and am looking for some help or information where I might get some assistance for him.  He can hardly eat and the food because he cannot chew is causing a great deal of trouble with his stoma (colostomy).  My husband lost his job last October and has finally found work in Canada where is now living.  We do not have the funds for dentures.  We live in Cave Creek AZ.  Is there a program around that can help?  Do you know of any dentists that do like Pro Bono work?  Any information you could give me would be a blessing. Sincerely, Lisa -


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